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Keynote Presentations

Get Back in the Box!
True Creativity

For years now we've all been told to "Think out of the Box." Seminars, books, magazines, and websites all sing the praises of thinking out of the box. Look at any book store, and you'll be shocked by the number of books willing us out of the box. You can "think" out of the box, "get" out of the box, "move" out of the box, "team" out of the box, "break" out of the box, and the suggestions go on and on.

Upon reviewing the many books on creativity and innovation, we have focused on a new approach with a new keynote presentation: "GET BACK IN THE BOX!" Come on! Everyone else has gotten out of the box by thinking, moving, jumping, teaming, breaking, etc. Now everyone is out of the box and thinking like everyone else that got out of the box! To truly think differently than everyone else ... we must get back in the box!

Make no mistake, getting back in the box does not mean going back to our old way of thinking or doing things. We're simply suggesting that we get back in the box to get away from all of those who got out of the box. Now that we're back in the box, allowing us to think differently that those who left the box, we must "re-frame" our box.

This creativity keynote guides you through the critical process of that "re-frame."

  • Review and Evaluate your Mission Statement.
  • Review and Evaluate your Vision Statement.
  • Review and Evaluate your Beliefs and Values.
  • Establish a Creative Culture.
  • Develop Effective Communications.
  • Enlighten Leadership.
  • Channel Existing Employee Potential.
  • Herd Sacred Cows.
  • Promote "Peopleopoly."
  • Enthusiastically Engage Change.
  • Create Loyalty.
  • Promote Calculated Risk Taking.
  • Expand Comfort Zones.
  • Question Assumptions.
  • Benchmark Extremes.
  • Review Innovation Sources.

Pick and choose the elements you prefer to fill your presentation. We'll assist you in focusing on your current needs as we conference with your leadership team weeks prior to the actual program.

This creativity keynote presentation explores the qualities and practices necessary to really make breakthroughs in an era of rapidly changing technology and expanding information. You'll will learn practical, proven, effective techniques that will enable you to creatively "Get Back in the Box."

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Why Choose an AchieveMax® Creativity Speaker

When looking for a creativity keynote speaker, people are inundated with options.  What's the AchieveMax® difference?  We've created a page with testimonials and a partial list of reasons why you should choose an AchieveMax® keynote speaker for your next event.  Please read our page on our creativity speakers.

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