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Round Up Your Sacred Cows

A sacred cow in a business environment is an outmoded belief, assumption, practice, policy, system, or strategy, generally invisible, that inhibits change and prevents responsiveness to new opportunities. They're out there today ... herds of sacred cows grazing on your profits and choking off your productivity. You'll find old, obsolete ideas that no longer work in a business climate that demands cutting-edge thinking and bold imaginative solutions. Even ideas that were considered current and successful just a few years ago are now outdated and useless.

These dangerous sacred cows recklessly trample creative, innovative thinking. They inhibit quick response to change and cost money and time. You can find them throughout your organization - in the halls, boardrooms and offices, and in the minds of your people.  Sadly, many organizations continue to worship their sacred cattle as they steadily lose ground in the marketplace. They're afraid to abandon what once made them successful. Ironically, if these sacred cows aren't identified and put out to pasture, they will surely lead to the demise of an organization.

This leadership keynote presentation shows you how to prepare your people for the challenge of examining your well-worn beliefs, assumptions, and practices and identifying those that have outlived their usefulness. It also provides guidelines for creating an environment in which your people are more open to new ideas, eager to recognize and overcome resistance to change, and willing to take the action needed to thrive in a changing environment.

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When looking for a leadership keynote speaker, people are inundated with options.  What's the AchieveMax® difference?  We've created a page with testimonials and a partial list of reasons why you should choose an AchieveMax® leadership speaker for your next event.  Please read the page on our leadership speakers.

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