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Customer Service Training and Sales Training

Business Development
Managing and Building Relationships

Sell, sell, sell ... one of your major job responsibilities! It's getting harder and harder to maintain your current customer base and obtain new customers with increased competition offering similar products and services. Consultative selling can help you keep your current customers and turn your prospects into customers! Learn how to maximize your sales potential through simple, yet extremely effective steps. No hard sell, pushy tactics taught here. Consultative selling teaches you how to prepare for and conduct the sales call, how to handle objections and how to close the sale to reach a win-win agreement.

As a manager and a salesperson, you wear several hats every day. Your primary goal is to maintain and increase your office business. These goals can be achieved more effectively and efficiently through a knowledgeable, well-managed team. This series was designed specifically for sales managers to help you in your dual roles as managers and builders of sales relationships. In this sales training, you will learn how to manage and motivate your staff more effectively through meetings, coaching and setting action strategies. You will learn how to build sales relationships more effectively through prospecting, rapport building, asking questions, handling objections and closing skills.

The Managing and Building Relationships training is offered through 5 separate modules that build upon each other. Participants are encouraged to practice the skills taught in between attending modules. The building block approach aids in reinforcement and offers opportunity for participants to discuss what is working for them and what challenges they may still be experiencing.

Some of What You'll Learn
in the Sales Training

  • Learn how to effectively manage the sales relationships with employees through:
    • Planning, preparing and presenting effective meetings
    • Coaching and offering feedback and
    • Setting action strategies
  • Learn how to effectively build customer relationships through:
    • Prospecting
    • Building rapport
    • Identifying needs and asking probing questions
    • Overcoming objections and
    • Closing the sale

This sales training is provided by our strategic partner Shelley Riebel.

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