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Customer Service Training and Sales Training

Maximizing Your Selling Style
An Innovative Approach to Selling

Many sales professionals feel that selling in today's marketplace to today's prospects has never been more difficult. Not only is today's competition keener, today's prospects are better educated, more sophisticated, have a new orientation to time, perceive increased product parity, need help solving problems, and want high tech and high touch.

This basics of sales training was developed to help sales professionals follow the steps of the sales process and achieve increased sales with each type of prospect. By understanding and matching their sales presentations to their prospects' individual buying style, sales professionals can efficiently lead prospects toward their buying decisions.

This sales training uses the neurotechnologies to help sales professionals become more flexible and adaptive in their selling styles, understand and sell the prospects with various learning styles, build trust with prospects more rapidly and precisely, refocus prospects' objections and turn them into buying advantages, and build lasting client relationships by increasing the quality of the relationships.

Some of What You'll Learn
in Our Sales Training

  • How to Prepare for the Sales Call
  • How to Follow the Steps of the Sales Process
  • How to Prepare Opening Statements
  • How to Probe and Use Support Statements
  • How to "Make the Sale"
  • How to Do a Post-Call Evaluation

Some of What You'll Learn
(Maximizing Your Selling Style Plus)

  • How to Develop Your Sales Philosophy
  • How to Know Your Clients and Develop Relationships
  • How to Develop Sales Presentation Strategies
  • How to Deal With Prospect Objections
  • How to Build on Your Sales Techniques 
  • How to Use a Five-Step Closing Formula

Is your organization interested in our basics of sales training?  Then contact us today!

Please call us within the U.S. at 800-886-2MAX or send us an e-mail at .

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Professional speaker Jeffrey W. Drake, Ph.D.

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Thank you to all our customers for allowing us to "Achieve the Maximum®" for their businesses and organizations.

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