Read 52 Books Next Year!

For those of you who have little or no time to read the most recent business books arriving daily on the shelves of your favorite book store and/or those who don’t want to spend the typical $20 to $40 currently being asked for those best sellers, here’s an alternative.

There are several services available today that have done the ground work for you. They now offer an outline of the key points and ideas of full-length business books, which appear in quick, easy, and very affordable easy-to-read summaries.

Here’s a quick example of the concept in a nutshell:

Buy the book:

  • Average business book today contains between 200 and 300 pages.
  • Average cost is $20 to $30 (or more).
  • Average reading time is 20 to 25 hours.

Use a book summary service:

  • Pages have been reduced to 8 to 10 (approximately 5000 words).
  • Reading time has been reduced to an average of ONE hour.
  • The price has been reduced to $2 to $3 per book (However, you are usually required to subscribe to the service for at least a year, which turns out to be $24 to $36 totally—the average price of a single book!)
  • You usually have your choice of a variety of formats: printed summary, an online summary, audio (cassette or CD) summary and formats for Palm and Pocket PC handheld devices, and MP3 players.
  • These distillations cover the book’s main points and highlights and give you a working knowledge of its contents. A summary isn’t merely a digest or excerpts strung together. It’s a seamless document that reads (and holds your interest) like a magazine article. And you retain more of the content when you read a summary than when you read a book. A major university study proved that a few years back.

Imagine investing ONE hour per week reading these summaries. At the end of the year, you will have reviewed 52 best sellers in your effort to grow and progress in your chosen field. How many books did YOU read last year?

I’ve listed a few of these companies below that offer this service. You can find many others by simply searching for the words “Executive Book Summaries.” Look over what each offers and choose the offering that best meets your needs. Save time, save money, and learn ten times what you did last year! Do it now!

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