Professional Speaker Harry K. Jones Quoted in Recent Credit Union Publications

Professional speaker Harry K. Jones was recently quoted in two credit union publications, the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) News and Credit Union Times.

The Credit Union National Association News article, “Mid-America CU Association Hosts its First Idea Institute,” discusses Harry’s recent presentation to the Mid-America Credit Union Association entitled “Blue Jeans and Tennis Shoes: Using Out-of-the-Box Thinking.” The article states:

AchieveMax®, Inc. consultant, speaker and facilitator Harry Jones challenged attendees to take a different look at things by reframing, closing the knowing/doing gap and adjusting their sails.

“Today’s typical member wants only two things,” he said. “They want good feelings and solutions to problems. As credit unions, that is what you were built on.” To give members what they want, credit unions must create a culture to attract good people, work as a team, and continually improve, he said.

The Credit Union Times article, “On-Site Coverage: Create a Purpose for your CU that Everyone Knows, Understands, and Lives By,” includes information on Harry’s recent presentation, “Productive Chaos: Riding the Wave of Change,” for the Maryland & District of Columbia Credit Union Association:

Be sure staff knows your credit union’s purpose and can articulate it in their own words, Harry Jones advised attendees of the MDDCCUA Annual Conference here today.

Then ensure there are shared values in reaching that purpose with buy-in from everyone in the organization, board of directors to the teller line. Without aligning everyone’s goals, a credit union will have a hard time achieving them.

Part of the chaos is just normal change. “There’s been a lot of change out there. Your members have changed, their business has changed, their needs have changed, their expectations have changed,” he noted. Has your credit union is the critical question.

Both articles are available in full at the links above.

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