Making Your Waves Amid the Tides

This “classic” goes back a few years but certainly hasn’t lost its punch. In fact, it’s very pertinent in today’s environment. It’s not only appropriate for “future leaders” but should most definitely be revisited by anyone focusing on making a difference today.

“Making Your Waves Amid the Tides” by Anonymous

We are all a bit like the waves of the sea. Some of us are a little lax, never noticed and never going forward. Others of us excel just enough to ride the crest above the others; like white caps, though, we finally sink, enveloped by the following crests that are very much like ourselves. A few of us, however, form a more noticeable, lasting splash—the BREAKERS!

And don’t we all envy how the breaker wave is always carving new ground, pounding at the beach resolutely and leaving its own impression? We all certainly envy the people who are most like the breaker waves—those always at the forefront of any and all activity. They’re the successful ones who lead and build on their own so that others may follow.

In any business which relies on “service,” the “BREAKERS” are those who constantly make their clients or customers feel as though the business is there to serve them. The “BREAKERS” answer questions, calm nerves, overcome objections, offer alternatives, make suggestions, introduce new products, promote special merchandise, fulfill needs, and, above all, constantly demonstrate a “Positive Attitude.”

They continually care—building a relentless force behind them, like the pounding breaker wave. When they finally splash against the yielding shore, it’s a loud, beautiful and momentous event!

We all strive for the memorable and the ultimate in what we do. Join the rising “tide” of those who are enjoying this kind of success at a time when so many others have buckled under the pressure of the economy, rising costs, and consumer attitudes. The choice is yours and yours alone. No one can make it for you. Will you end up broken or will you emerge as a successful “BREAKER”?

Your choice of a shoreline actually is of little importance. Shorelines will differ from person to person—the important thing is how you arrive on that shoreline!

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