Fuel for Thought

I went to my barber for my last cut of 2007. Apparently, many others had the same idea as the shop was filled … eight chairs and the entire waiting area! As usual, everyone was discussing the same subjects they always discuss while getting trimmed. In fact, “getting trimmed” was one of the more popular subjects as the rising cost of just about everything came into focus. Constantly rising gasoline prices seemed to be the biggest complaint as everyone compared today’s prices with those of last year’s holiday season.

I simply sat and listened as I normally do. I learn so much more by observing people than I do by joining the conversation. Ironically, I was reading the newspaper as everyone ranted and raved about gas prices. I suddenly came across an article, complete with graphics, that, had I shared it, would have silenced everyone in a nano-second!

It was titled: “Fuel For Thought.” In just a few words, it addressed the fact that so many of us grumble about the price of gasoline while it’s actually a bargain compared to a gallon of so many other goods which we consume daily. For instance, the average price for a gallon of gas in the U.S. at the moment is $3.06. Compare that to the gallon price of the following products:

  • Average gallon of milk … $ 3.49
  • Evian water … $ 5.12
  • Wesson cooking oil … $ 5.47
  • Blue Bunny ice cream … $ 8.38
  • Bud Light … $ 9.73
  • Starbucks Coffee … $12.88

Makes gas sound like a steal, doesn’t it? Thank goodness for small containers. Proves everything is relative and you know how we feel about relatives. I came so close to sharing that article with everyone in the barber shop. However, that would have deprived them of their joy and freedom to complain. So I just smiled to myself, finished my paper, got my hair cut and headed back to the office. Guess that was my first Christmas gift to anyone this season.

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