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Over the ages, we have indeed been blessed with a bountiful gift of wisdom from some of the world’s greatest minds representing every walk of life. Sadly, far too many of us either take their words for granted, are too busy to recognize the wisdom, obviously ignore the valued messages, or clearly feel it doesn’t apply to today’s intense circumstances. Some of us simply have yet to be exposed to these insights.

For those very reasons, this new series will share some of that wisdom along with suggestions for application to many of today’s growing challenges. If you’d like to contribute a personal favorite, please do so by sending your offering to


Let’s get started …

“When the student is ready, the teacher shall appear!”

This ancient Buddhist proverb has weathered the storms of time and progress to be as applicable today as it’s ever been. How many times have you heard veiled words of wisdom that simply never really clicked − just didn’t make sense at the moment? Then, all of a sudden days, weeks, or even years later you hear it again and experience one of those “Ah-Ha” moments. It suddenly clicks! The clouds part, the brilliance of reason shines through, and you wonder why you didn’t comprehend the obvious much sooner. The rationale is evident.

YOU weren’t ready until now! You are the student. Students never graduate as they’re open to continuous learning throughout their career. If you’re open-minded and eager to learn, the teacher can be anyone or anything. It may very well be a person but can also be a book, magazine, newspaper, TV or radio content, Google, a billboard, or just about anything at all.

As a life-long student … always be ready! Stay ready! Be open-minded and eager. Be the beneficiary of this ancient Buddhist wisdom. There’s a reason this advice has weathered the ages. The choice is yours!

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