Take Me out to the Ball Game

As I’ve so often mentioned, I’m always on the look out for examples of creative thinking. I like to share them during keynote presentations and seminars with those who claim:

  • “I am not creative.”
  • “Creativity requires an extensive education.”
  • “I don’t have the experience to be innovative.”
  • “Creativity is reserved for our R & D Department.”

And the list goes on. Over the years, I’ve heard just about every excuse in the book. And they’ve all been proven to be false — by those who have no time for excuses. They’re too busy being creative!

Well, I’ve found another unique example. Most people go out to the ball park to relax, have a beer and a hot dog, spend time with friends and/or family, and enjoy the age-old ambiance that inhabits any stadium that plays host to American’s favorite past time. Some even watch the game as they pay allegiance to their favorite team!

However, some creative souls grab a fish net, tie their kayak to the top of the car, apply sun tan lotion, grab a transistor radio and an ice chest of sandwiches and beer and head to the ball park.

This particular ball park happens to be in San Francisco. Once known as Candlestick Park, it is now AT&T Park. Just beyond the right field wall is a tranquil section of San Francisco Bay called McCovey Cove, named after famed Giants first baseman Willie McCovey.

During the heydays of Willie McCovey and more recently Barry Bonds, as many as 50 kayaks used to float in McCovey Cove just outside the park, with individuals poised to fish out a home-run ball hit into the water by the super sluggers. Last year, as Bonds seemed to be in the spotlight constantly, a large number of advertisers paid as much as $20,000 to have their brands put on the kayaks in hopes of appearing on TV!

Now that’s creative! Can you imagine being paid 20 grand to float in the serenity of McCovey Cove, taking in the sun, feasting on your favorite sandwich, quenching your thirst by sipping your brew of choice, listening to the game on the radio while you listen for that distinctive “crack” of the bat that means a valuable collector’s item may very well be on its way to your fishing net? Nab the right baseball at the right time and you just might be adding to that figure of $20,000! Kind of sheds a whole new light to “Take Me out to the Ball Game,” doesn’t it?

True, the economy has impacted attendance, fewer home run balls are reaching the Cove, Barry Bonds has left the building and advertising revenues are more than likely on a downward trend. That’s not the point. The idea was creative. It’s proven to be successful. Its time will return, and it’s another example of an idea which was conceived, believed and achieved! Now it’s your turn. Do your thing!

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