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In browsing a recent copy of Success Magazine, I found some alarming percentages. The data was presented in a very positive article describing how the Success Foundation’s goal was to provide personal-development content and programs to more than 10 million teenagers. This material will provide the fundamental life-skills and personal-development philosophies necessary for success in school and in life.

I highly commend the Success Foundation for its ambitious efforts as there’s obviously a tremendous need for such programs today. Our young people today are facing challenges we never dreamed of dealing with. They can certainly use the cooperation and support offered by such a campaign. If you’d like to learn more about this extraordinary endeavor, simply visit:

Reading about ambitious initiatives such as this one renews my faith in at least a small portion of this country’s leadership. I can also understand how such an inspiring venture might intimidate some people. One might think: “How can I, as an individual, compete with such a massive effort?” Well, there are two answers to that question. First of all, you can’t compete. Second, you don’t need to compete. Let the large programs deal with a group of 10 million teens. They’re much better equipped to do so. However, why not attempt to make a difference in the life of just one or two teens? There are so many creative ways to do so, and the need is so great today.

As we’ve mentioned so many times in previous blog articles, mentoring is indeed a noble cause and can generate extraordinary results. If your efforts caused a young person to rethink his or her future, graduate from high school and go on to college, start a business, or just strive to perform to their full potential, there’s the potential to change lives, reverse negative trends and improve communities.

Consider the research by the Success Foundation which discovered:

  • More than 40% of young people doubt they can achieve their goals.
  • 70% wish they had more opportunities to help them fulfill their dreams.
  • Fewer than 60% feel a sense of purpose.
  • Fewer than 65% are motivated to achieve.
  • Fewer than 30% feel they have skills like planning and decision-making.
  • 25% of all public high school students fail to graduate on time, if at all.
  • 50% of African-Americans and Hispanics fail to graduate on time, if at all.
  • 85% of adolescents who get training in success skills graduate on time, resulting in a 50% drop in welfare dependency.

Think of the impact YOU, as a mentor, can have on a young person, a family, and even a community! Over the years, I’ve had the privilege and opportunity to speak to parent groups, civic organizations, and teacher in-services on a variety of mentoring possibilities. Our young people need to be exposed to leadership skills, basic life skills, communication skills, job skills and personal-development philosophies which will assist them in their quest for success. Prior to attending our sessions, many were unaware of how they might contribute support and assistance.

For additional suggestions on how YOU can make a difference today as a mentor, review our previous articles: Pass the Torch and Mentoring Magic: Take a Moment – Make a Difference.

Discuss this life-changing potential with your organization, church, neighborhood, or civic group and offer much-needed leadership at this crucial time in our history. Take a minute, change a life!

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