The Sky’s the Limit

Over the past few years of doing research for our creativity seminars and keynote presentations, I’ve been forced to broaden my horizons and open my mind to accept just about anything. For instance, there was a time when you might have had a problem trying to convince me that the following examples actually exist:

  • Square watermelons
  • Solar-powered talking tombstones
  • Undersea community resorts
  • 747 limos on the freeway
  • 7-story corporate headquarters shaped like a picnic basket
  • Indoor ski resort in the desert
  • Billboards in the sand at the beach
  • Napping modules in the workplace
  • Caffeine-enhanced bath soap
  • Tracking pizza online … and the list goes on.

The latest addition to this unusual list is “Dinner in the Sky” … the latest must-have dining experience for the Uber rich. It’s exactly what the title infers, a restaurant in the sky. Visualize the perfect dinner party with 21 of your best friends and/or family members. Your party is gathered around a 30 by 16 foot 11,000 lb. (5 ½ ton) table, securely strapped into your seats with a four-point harness, and then elevated more than 150 feet in the air by a gigantic crane. There’s nothing between you and the ground other than the seat you’re strapped into and a small platform to support your feet.

The large oval table accommodates 22 people in addition to the three staff members, two world-class chefs and a waiter, in the kitchen located in the center of this unique creation. To add to your experience, the giant oval slowly revolves 180 degrees. If the rotation and the breathtaking scenery isn’t enough, you can invest a little more to include a second crane with platform—or more if desired—such as music, product introduction, etc. to heighten your magical moment. However, you can forget about chatting with your associates as the winds at 150 feet make quiet conversation near impossible.

Like any other luxury today, you have additional options available as well. If you choose, you can have Breakfast in the Sky, Lunch in the Sky, Cocktails in the Sky or even a business meeting in the sky … the only limit to the eight-hour experience is your imagination! You can even go up after dark as the platform is very well-illuminated.

Of course, there has to be a down side, and that would be the price. $15,000 for a three-hour session! That does not include electricity or catering, so this is clearly an experience reserved for the filthy rich. However, the concept is certainly catching on. It originally started in Austria and now has licensees in 16 countries! If you’d like to see some breathtaking pictures of this unique concept, go to this link for the video.

Let’s hope your safety harness prevents your experience from being The Last Supper and my only recommendation … be sure to hit the bathroom BEFORE you lift off.

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  1. Great story but hard to believe. How do we manage to come up with great ideas like this but can’t stop a war, lower gas prices, make health care affordable, or solve the mortgage crisis? Thanks for all the great stories. You guys complete me every day.

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