Paradise Found!

Now here’s something you’re more than likely to see much more of in the future. It really makes sense under current economic conditions. Consider how many people would love to get away from the many headaches we’re facing today. And what better get-away destination than a tropical island resort? Of course, many people couldn’t afford a trip like that in good times much less than in what we’re facing today.

Fear not—this problem has been solved!

A tropical island resort has been created about 30 miles outside of Berlin in Germany! This location, climate and visual environment isn’t exactly what comes to mind when you think of a tropical island paradise.

However, step inside this gigantic dome, and you’re immediately transported to the destination you’ve been dreaming of.

  • The dome was originally built as an airplane hangar but has since been transformed into a tropical dream.
  • The artificial exotic island environment includes a rain forest, beaches, artificial sunlight, palm trees, and orchids.
  • The resort is kept at 77 degrees with 50% humidity year round.
  • The resort can comfortably hold up to 7,000 guests.
  • There are seven bars and restaurants and numerous spas.
  • Guests can camp on the artificial beaches overnight if they wish.
  • Admission to paradise is only $23!
  • When you put a tropical destination 30 miles outside of Berlin and allow people to come and go 365 days a year, you are looking at a huge cash cow.
  • Which, to my thinking, means you could place one of these gems in just about any major city in the nation and anticipate great success. It’s a win-win situation!

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