Recession Aggression

Recently, I facilitated the first session of a year-long leadership series for one of the largest financial institutions in the state of Michigan. The program was designed for participation by both senior executive members and the entire supervisory staff … in their quest to establish a cohesive leadership team.

We’ve enjoyed a very productive 16-year relationship with this client and have truly enjoyed watching them grow and thrive over the years. It’s been both a pleasure and a privilege to have contributed to that successful evolution.

The decision to conduct a leadership training series at a time when most organizations would choose to diminish such employee education due to nationwide economic pressures is just one of many reasons why this organization continues to grow and flourish.

And so it is with all of those who set organizational goals, create a strategy to attain those goals, align their staff accordingly, view appropriate training as an investment rather than a cost, maintain focus and consistently re-frame their strategy when necessary.

Regardless of the industry, private sector or public sector, regardless of product, service, location or size, you’ll always discover organizations like this enjoying productivity, growth, and success while competitors with less determination and vision continue to struggle and fail.

I don’t understand why these successful cultures aren’t benchmarked by those less fortunate that are struggling with the significant challenges and uncertainties of today’s chaotic economic environment.

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