How Much Is Enough?

According to ASTD (American Society for Training and Development), the average American worker spends 26.3 hours in the classroom annually.

Read that sentence again slowly and let it sink in. How do you feel about that number? Does that seem high to you? After all, that’s a full day plus a couple of hours. Long time to sit in a classroom, don’t you think?

Of course, all of that training doesn’t take place at one time. If you want to take it to the other extreme, we’re each investing a full SIX MINUTES a day working to improve ourselves for future success! Now how do you feel about that number?

Now let’s re-frame once again and view that training time as a little over 3 eight-hour days a year investing in our future as well as that of our organization. How do you feel about that investment? Is that enough? Not if you expect to compete in today’s global environment!

There’s a good chance that anyone reading this article is a professional based on the following definition: “A person who earns his living from a specified activity; Of, pertaining to, or in accordance with the standards of a profession; That is carried out for money, especially as a livelihood.”

Let’s take a quick look at some other professionals … airline pilot, brain surgeon, engineer, clergy, architect, social worker, professor, electrician, plumber, clinical lab tech, pharmacist, veterinarian, certified public accountants, financial analyst, professional athlete, entertainer, astronaut, etc.

Do you think they train more than 26.3 hours per year? Of course they do! Why is it that all of those professionals listed above feel the necessity to continue to learn new tools, techniques, technologies, and strategies? Why do they benchmark regularly? Why do they study those they serve and those with whom they compete? Why do they feel the need to learn more, continually grow, and enhance their skills? Why do these professionals continually train … and only “businesspeople” don’t seem to think it’s necessary? It’s also a very safe bet that these other professionals invest more than 26.3 hours per year in their pursuit of excellence! How about you?

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