Creative Search Continues

A few weeks ago I shared a list of creative company names and signs in an article titled Search for Creativity. Since that time I’ve received several contributions to this on-going list to add to those I’ve continued to discover myself.

In our “Get Back in the Box” creativity presentation, we constantly remind attendees to be on the look out for examples of creativity everywhere they go. They’re all around us. We pass many of them daily but seldom recognize or acknowledge them … kind of a “functional blindness.” The reason is simple. We don’t respond or appreciate these examples because they’ve become part of our daily environment and simply blend into our subconscious rather than inspiring us as examples of what can be achieved if we’ll simply re-frame on occasion.

Take a look and appreciate the creative juices which flow across our country.

  • HIS and HAIRS (salon)
  • HAIR FORCE ONE (salon)
  • SUNNY & SHEARS (tanning and hair salon)
  • C U LATTE (coffee shop)
  • LATTE DA (coffee shop)
  • A SALT & BATTERY (fish and chips)
  • JAMAICAN ME HUNGRY (Caribbean cuisine)
  • PLANET of the GRAPES (wine and spirits)
  • EN THAI SING (Thai food)
  • MUSTARD’s LAST STAND (hot dog stand)
  • FRANKS for the MEMORIES (hot dog shop)
  • THE COD FATHER (traditional fish and chips—We’ll batter anything!)
  • PIZZA D’ACTION (pizza shop)
  • LETTUCE SOUPRISE YOU (soup and salad)
  • IT’S ABOUT THYME (restaurant)
  • GARDEN of EAT’N (restaurant)
  • FU’s RUSH INN (Chinese food)
  • MOON WOK (Oriental food)
  • THAI ME UP (Thai food)
  • HOLLY, WOOD, & VINE (flower shop)
  • GET PLASTERED (contractor)
  • ALL STRINGS CONSIDERED (knitting store)
  • KNIT HAPPENS! (knitting store)

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