We’re Losing Irreplaceable Icons

The list is obviously far too long to publish here, but we’re losing truly talented people who will be difficult to replace. In the last six months alone, we’ve lost such notables as actor James Whitmore, author John Updike, actor Ricardo Montalban, White House Press Secretary Tony Snow, French legendary fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, and actors Charlton Heston and Paul Newman.

Just recently, we lost one of the most gifted and beloved broadcasters in our nation’s history—Paul Harvey. He was 90-years old.

He provided us with 70 years of:

  • a radio career predating TV and continuing into the Internet age
  • his homespun take on the day’s events
  • 15-minute monologues delivered with frank but rhythmic drama
  • his apple-pie conservatism
  • his signature signoff: “This is Paul Harvey … Good Day.”

In 2000, Paul signed a 10-year $100 million contract with ABC for two daily news and commentary segments and the evening “Rest of the Story” human-interest clip which is on 1,100 radio stations and an additional 400 belonging to the Armed Forces Network.

Earlier in the year, we featured Paul as part of our blog series “Little-known Facts about Well-known Leaders.” This article will provide you with an in-depth glimpse into a captivating career of the man who was known as the “Voice of Middle America.”

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