Stimulus … Possible but Doubtful

We’re rapidly approaching our 600th blog article, and we’ve managed to touch on just about every subject possible today. We’ve often focused on the importance of closing the “knowing-doing gap,” as well as the critical issue of “execution.” I can’t think of a more momentous time to take advantage of the benefits of practicing both strategies.

While most of us are aware of both strategies, few do well in applying either to everyday situations. We see proof of this fact almost daily. For instance, everyone is familiar with the fact that President Obama signed a $787 BILLION stimulus package in February. Obviously there’s a reason they call it “stimulus” based on what it is intended to do for economy. However, what isn’t known by most is the sad fact that LESS THAN half of 1% of the money set aside for highway repair and construction has been distributed since that time! The top man on the House Transportation Committee, John Mica of Florida, places the blame on excessive federal regulations. He said that the money is simply tied up in red tape. That is inexcusable!

Consider this:

  • Of the total $787 billion stimulus, $27.5 billion was allotted for road construction and repair.
  • Of the $27.5 billion allotted, only $132 million has reached the states.

Again, that’s a mere half of 1%!

Sound stimulating?

By the way, I’m not suggesting that President Obama is at fault here.

I’m not suggesting that this is a Republican problem.

I’m not suggesting that this is a Democratic problem.

This is a LEADERSHIP problem.

No one in Washington, from either side of the aisle, is doing the job they were elected to do! In the meantime, as taxpayers, we’ll start making payments on that phenomenal figure of $787 billion as we receive the benefits of only half of 1% of that figure! This example is just one of many which occur daily within the beltway. Let’s hope we’re doing a much better job of preparing our next generation of leaders to respond to the demands which await them—one of which will be the repayment of that stimulus package.

In the meantime, maybe those brilliant minds in Washington will consider changing the name of that “package” from stimulus to dormant … at least until our next generation can arrive with a remedy for this and so many other similar situations.

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