Country Singer Illustrates Creativity

You may know this man as one of the nation’s most successful country music artists of the 20th century. He also enjoyed great popularity in early Rock & Roll, R & B, and Pop music. Until the year 2000, he held the record for the most Number One singles of any country act, with 55 Number One chart hits! Others know him not only as a singer and entertainer, but also as a songwriter and producer.

He will certainly hold a cherished spot in musical history with his 55 number one hits, 110 albums, record-breaking concert attendance, and countless awards in a variety of musical categories.

Although he had many hits, he’s best known for “It’s Only Make Believe” and “Hello, Darling” … two cross-over hits which are still played regularly on Oldies stations from coast to coast.

Of course, I’m talking about Harold Lloyd Jenkins who passed away in 1993 at the age of 60. Doesn’t ring a bell? If not, that’s understandable as Harold didn’t record under his real name. He didn’t think it was marketable … and he was probably right. However, he struggled to come up with what he felt would be marketable. He received many suggestions but few, if any, which he approved of.

Legend has it that he decided to let fate settle his dilemma. He stood before a wall map of the United States, closed his eyes, and tossed two darts at random. One landed on Twitty, Texas, while the other sought out Conway, Arkansas. At that moment, Conway Twitty was born, and that unique name went on to find its coveted place in music history.

Creativity at its best can sometimes be random. Dare to give it a shot!

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