Take a Moment – Make a Difference

At the end of this article, I’m going to request that you take a few moments out of your busy day to watch a short video. Many of you will immediately dismiss the thought as you simply don’t have time for that nonsense. You might want to rethink that train of thought.

My request isn’t for me. I’ll never know whether you watched it or not. My request will benefit YOU and possibly many others as a result of your seeing it. Let me explain.

Far too many times, we unintentionally pass up opportunities to “pay it forward” for the simple reason that we don’t have time. We’re too absorbed with “busy work,” we’re off to a meeting, we feel we have more important things to do. What’s more important than influencing the life of another in a positive way?

Let’s try a quick re-frame here. How would you feel if a teacher, counselor, or coach had an opportunity to influence your child or grandchild in a way that would modify his/her life forever in a very positive way? Warm and appreciative feeling, right? How would you feel if that key person in your child’s live could have but didn’t make that difference? What if they were too busy … had to make a phone call … or felt it simply wasn’t that important? Disheartened, resentful, shocked? I would be!

We have no way of knowing how many possibilities we’ve overlooked in the past. Disregard that aspect. Focus instead on the many opportunities awaiting us in the days ahead and begin immediately to seek them out. Don’t let even one potential situation pass you by.

If you’ve ever wondered if you can, in fact, influence others, watch this video of famed author and speaker Wayne Dyer sharing the story of young Teddy whose life was totally transformed by a single teacher … interestingly enough, the teacher’s life was transformed by young Teddy as well. This story may well impact your future thinking and actions. If so, it’s certainly worth the few minutes to view this touching video. You may also have to wipe away a tear …

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