Determination Can Be the Key to Success

Henry Ford was, indeed, a very unusual man. Volumes have been written about him both pro and con. However, there one’s particular story that makes a strong case for determination and persistence. In the early 1930s. Ford was determined to create a powerful single casting V-8 engine for his cars. This was something that experts worldwide said was impossible. One could easily surmise that these declarations were a driving force to achieve Ford’s unrealistic goal.

He called together his top engineering group, explained exactly what he wanted accompanied with a deadline. In a very short time, the chief engineer shared the group’s finding with Ford. It simply couldn’t be done. Ford voiced his disappointment and proceeded to fire the engineers involved.

He promptly hired a new group of engineers, explained his goal, shared the findings of the previous team, and sent them off with high expectations. The new team of engineers soon returned to share the identical findings of the first. It simply could not be done. Again, the esteemed automaker thanked the team for their efforts, voiced his dismay, and released them from their contracts.

Still determined, Henry hired a third group of engineers and proceeded to repeat the process of explaining his high expectations and conviction to reach them.

This group was a little more intense in evaluating the “big picture.” They reviewed the consequences given to the first two groups for failing to achieve Ford’s vision, reviewed the findings of both groups, developed new approaches and possibilities and in early 1932 introduced the first powerful single casting V-8 engine to an eager automotive industry and a large audience of intrigued car buyers.

The moral of this story is quite obvious. If not for the dogged perseverance of Henry Ford and the rare ability of the third engineering group to foresee their undeniable consequences should they fail their assigned task, we might still find ourselves sitting behind a 6 cylinder vehicle today.

Do you possess that dogged determination to achieve your chosen goals? It could make all the difference. The choice is yours!

Henry Ford was well-known for his common sense philosophy. He often said: “Whether you THINK YOU CAN or think you can’t, you’re right!”

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