Do You Need to Push and/or Need to Be Pushed?

Having the privilege to be a father of three wonderful children and the grandfather of nine cherished grandchildren, I have witnessed an interesting phenomenon as it applies to the need to deal with growth. It holds true in your experiences with family, friends, loved ones and those we associate with in our workplace.

Everyone needs a PUSH!

As I look back on my personal life, I can easily remember many times in which I needed a PUSH to attempt a new challenge, accept a new technology, or realize the need for growth at a time when I may have felt I wasn’t ready. CHANGE doesn’t wait until you’re ready. I’m thankful to those who were placed in my life at the right time to enthusiastically provide that PUSH when I needed it most!

I then think back to each of my three children and warmly revisit those critical moments in their growth that required me to provide that PUSH. Many times I found it both difficult and challenging and actually questioned whether it was the right thing to do at the time. I was indeed fortunate that most of my decisions were correct.

I can make that statement because I now take great pride in what my children have accomplished and even greater satisfaction in watching them provide the PUSH for my grandchildren. There is little more gratifying that hearing your own words coming out of the mouths of your children decades later. Especially when you remember your children telling you how crazy you were at the time. Now I just smile and make eye contact with them as they pass on that “crazy” wisdom to my grandchildren.

You NEVER outgrow your need for a good PUSH. There is always a need to tackle new challenges in your pursuit of success and happiness. So whether you happen to need a PUSH or provide a PUSH … keep an open mind and do the right thing. You know it works!

Here’s a short but powerful video based on the book by David McNally, Even Eagles Need a Push. I think you’ll identify with the mixed feelings of that this concerned parent faced with the need to push the young eagles out of the nest.

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