Never Underestimate the Power of Your Mind

At any given time, you can find dozens of books on the subject of creative thinking in most any book store. Theories, principles, and strategies galore can be found to assist you in the enhancement of your creative potential. While these methods may very well achieve what they claim, we often overlook extraordinary resources much closer to home. All we have to do is be a bit more attentive to what and who we often take for granted.

There is much to learn from the simple observation of those we come into contact with daily. Here’s a short video that some might think focuses on a simple paper airplane. Actually, it’s about a young 6th grade boy who has learned in his short life span how to open his mind to new concepts, how to take simple calculated risks, and how to avoid the possibility of negative peer pressure in hopes of discovering new frontiers. The innocence of youth should be added to our list of creative resources.

Watch Jeff amaze his friends as he easily wins a paper airplane flying contest in a way most of us would never consider. In fact, some of us may even tell Jeff that his new approach can’t possibly work or that it’s against the rules. Rules are changing every day as the demands of our chaotic environment increase greatly and much faster than ever before. Are you willing to think out of the box as Jeff did? Your decision to do so could well be the decisive factor in your future success or failure. Take a look …

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