Is Teamwork a Myth?

Again, it’s my most productive time of the day—after midnight. Tonight I’ve been researching an age-old topic which has been discussed and debated for centuries … TEAMWORK. So much has been written on this subject, and yet it continues to be an elusive reality for so many organizations. Management gurus and authors alike have encouraged us forever to tap the enormous potential and never-ending benefits of TEAMWORK.

We constantly hear so much about the importance of “Walking the Talk” and yet the book Work Abuse reveals that 95% of today’s managers continue to practice autocratic, dictatorial behaviors in a world that constantly talks teamwork. 95%! That is mind-boggling!

Yet historians will reflect back on these times with reports that the leading organizations in every industry were well-known for the focus, training and support of TEAMWORK and that it, indeed, was a crucial factor in their success.

Why can’t less successful companies observe and acknowledge the power of TEAMWORK as demonstrated by leading organizations from coast to coast?

In the book From the Ground Up, the author states that only 5% of the organizational leaders in the U.S. today will implement the “best practices” pioneered at today’s most admired companies. 5%! Again, mind boggling!

Consider the number of companies, in every industry, that have simply fallen by the wayside, no longer existing, forgotten by everyone … because they couldn’t function, produce and succeed as a team! It became a “life and death” issue for them and will be for many more in the future.

Speaking of “life and death” and TEAMWORK … I can’t think of a better example of both than the Navy’s world-renowned Blue Angels that have dominated air space since 1946. They are currently the oldest flying aerobatic team in the world. The six-plane squadron performs 70 shows at 34 locations throughout the United States each year and has entertained more than 427 million spectators worldwide.

While I haven’t been fortunate enough to be a passenger in one of those Boeing F/A-18 Hornets, I did have the privilege of meeting a few of the talented pilots and actually sat in a cockpit for a few minutes. The dedication and discipline of these well-trained pilots is critical to their success. Their moment-to-moment TEAMWORK is a life and death issue each and every day. The Blue Angels share and demonstrate nine key principles of teamwork which can easily be adapted to any organization that seeks success and growth in today’s chaotic business environment. Take a look at this short video and think about how your team can benefit from adopting these powerful principles.

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