Can You Read This? Thank a Teacher!

In one of our seminar exercises illustrating the power of the subconscious, I ask the audience, by a show of hands, how many can remember the name of their Kindergarten teacher. Without fail, at least 50% of the audience raises their hands. When you think about that, it’s remarkable! Most of those people are recalling a name from anywhere from 25 to 50 years ago! And with good reason. Many of us have very fond memories of the person who introduced us to a culture we would experience for years to come.

In other cases, many remember other teachers that impacted them in a very powerful way. It may have been in middle school, high school or college. It may well have been a Sunday school teacher. We may recall them as an instructor or professor. It may have been a facilitator of a seminar or a military instructor. Regardless, we remember and appreciate.

Showing our teacher appreciation shouldn’t be limited to a week or even a single day. However, establishing a particular time of the year for teacher appreciation helps us to remember how important teachers are in our society.

Tomorrow, May 4th, is Teacher Appreciation Day and today kicks off Teacher Appreciation Week. Learn more about the importance of these celebrations and view a terrific video by simply clicking on this link … and then thank a teacher.

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