Tired of the Chaos? Do Something About It! (Too Much Talk – Too Little DO!)

Again, I find myself in my prime time (midnight to 3 a.m.), working on a project. I have the TV on cable for background noise and can’t help but notice that every station is streaming the same constant negativity we’ve been exposed to for far too long now.

They sound enthused to report on the economy, the oil spill, immigration, the war, political scandals, gun bans and the list goes on and on. Plenty of reporting—very little emphasis on solutions.

I’ve been talking about the “knowing-doing gap” for quite some time in my seminars and keynote presentations. There seems to be a growing need for this strategy in today’s chaotic environment … more so than ever before.

Tom Peters, noted author and speaker on business management practices, says “motivation and positive thinking is like spray paint on rust. It simply doesn’t last long!” I’m afraid I have to agree with Tom although I’m a firm believer in both motivation and positive thinking. However, I think Tom is saying that those dynamic forces are only 2/3 of the formula needed to solve the many challenges we face today! The third, and critical, element is ACTION.

The key to success is to STOP TALKING … get motivated, think positive, and then, as a result, DO SOMETHING!

Re-imagine!As of late, Tom has encouraged personal responsibility in response to the challenges we face today as individuals, organizations, and a proud world-leading country.

Stop rehashing, complaining. justifying, explaining, and sharing your problems. Little of that energy contributes to solution. Research, network, synergize, evaluate, plan and TAKE ACTION. What if you fail? Evaluate why you failed, start all over again, and don’t stop until you’ve solved the problem.

Great advice for us personally, small companies and Fortune 500 giants, political parties and countries world wide.

Tom, himself, sums it all up much better than I do, and he does it in just 1:29. Watch his message, absorb it, and then DO IT!

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