The Young Are So Often Role Models

I love and appreciate the responsibility and opportunity of mentoring today’s young people. However, I often find examples that so many of today’s younger generations are setting examples that we, as their seniors, should certainly emulate.

Two years ago I wrote an article for our blog that embodies the elements of a great example. Just recently, a new video has been produced to tell the story of true sportsmanship as illustrated by two girls’ Division II softball teams from the state of Washington.

It’s an inspirational story that should be required viewing for ANYONE and EVERYONE taking parts in ANY sport today … as a player, official, coach, fan or parent. It should be shown in every school from coast to coast at the start of every school year. It earned an ESPY Award for individual and team athletic achievement and other sports-related performances.

You and I can do little, if anything, to orchestrate such a required viewing on such a large scale. However, if you have a child, grandchild, nephew or niece, neighbor or friend who loves sports, they NEED to see this video and hear this message. That you can and should influence. Better yet, invite the entire family to watch it together and then discuss it afterwards. You’ll be glad you did … for those you gathered as well as yourself! You’ll also feel better about life itself … which is a real accomplishment in these times.

The blog article I wrote will provide you with all of the details and background for this very unusual story should you desire to read it or pass it on. However this new 6-minute video will reveal the entire episode from start to finish leaving you in tears and filled with hope and appreciation for the young people of this great country. Please view it and pass it on… maybe even to a local coach or school administrator. We all need to see more messages like this one.

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