Who’s Teaching Who?

A friend of mine from Miami, Dennisse Lisseth, was gracious enough to share a wonderful story with me recently, and I’d like to pass it on to you. It’s short but so relevant to generational differences, the wisdom of youth, and the importance of relationships in today’s challenging environment.

Take a moment to read it, appreciate the message, and pass it on to someone else as we could all use a smile today.

A small boy and girl were building a sand castle on the beach. They spent hours building towers, walls, and a moat. As they were building, the tide crept slowly in. Suddenly, a big wave wiped it all away.

An adult nearby felt sorry for them because of all the work they had put into building the castle, until the two children held hands and ran off together, laughing as they scampered down the beach.

It was then that the adult realized a simple truth: it is fun building empires, but the lasting fun is in having friends you can continue to laugh with and be with long after all that you have spent your life building has washed away.

Relationships are the key to making almost anything happen. They are the foundation to the quality of our lives and to the results we get.

Excerpted from If How-To’s Were Enough We Would All Be SKINNY, RICH & HAPPY by Brian Klemmer.

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