Are We Ever Going to Learn?

I’ve been presenting keynotes and seminars on the subject of CHANGE for as long as I remember. This is NOT a new subject to anyone … or at least it shouldn’t be. This subject has been addressed in the business world for decades before I was born. Why does everyone have such a hard time adjusting to change?

CHANGE is the one constant that has never changed!

Look at your home, your car, your technology, travel … what would those areas look like if there had been no changes over the last century? Would you be willing to go back to the way we used to do things? Doubtful.

I find it so interesting to look at the companies and organizations that have resisted change over the years … and those that are still doing so today. How many major names have disappeared from every industry because they resisted change? And yet we see it still in so many areas.

Here’s another major change you may have noticed. Years ago, creative employees were stifled and discouraged when they came up with new ideas or creative suggestions for enhancing performance, saving time and money, using new technology, etc. As a result, those employees simply retreated to the “old” way of doing things and contributed nothing to the growth or prosperity of the organization. I’m sure they felt very much like “Peacocks in the Land of Penguins.”

Today, that happens much less as a result of the evolvement of today’s creative minds. If a workplace culture doesn’t nurture these creative minds today, they simply move on to more receptive cultures. In many instances, these valuable employees move on to the competition where they are welcomed and supported. It happens every day!

Does your culture recruit, welcome, support and encourage those who are open to change, creativity and innovation? Does your culture demonstrate openness to new ideas, a willingness to learn, a desire to grow, and flexibility for change? Regardless of your answer, you may want to take a moment to ponder the consequences, both pro and con, of your current path.

Watch this short video to see how “Perry the Peacock” handles the penguins in his world. It’s certainly revealing and maybe even uncomfortably realistic!

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