Stop Complaining! Go Solve the Problem!

Overwhelmed? Frustrated? Stressed? Fed Up? Stop complaining because that’s simply adding to the problem. Subliminally, you’re adding fuel to the fire by complaining without taking action.

As I watch the election results roll in, I’m amazed to say the least. If you were to ask people if they are unhappy with their current status, you would probably discover that 80% to 90% are tired of what’s been happening in this country. And, interestingly enough, the blame doesn’t fall entirely on one particular party. We seem to agree that we’re fed up with politicians from both sides of the aisle.

Here’s what I find baffling. As I watch the results flow into television stations across the nation, it looks as though 20% to 30% of the country will be making the decisions as to whom holds office in the coming years. If 8 or 9 people out of every 10 are fed up with the status quo, why is it that only 2 or 3 people out of every 10 are willing to vote in hopes of solving some of the problems? That doesn’t even make sense.

I’ve heard all of the excuses for not voting and even share the frustration of feeling as though my vote doesn’t count. Well, think about this. What are the alternatives if you should choose not to vote? I think you would agree that they are little or none.

I’m certainly not advocating a vote for a particular candidate or party. I’m suggesting that if you’re happy with the current direction your city, state, or nation is heading, get out and vote for the current candidate or party to make certain that direction isn’t deterred. If you aren’t satisfied with the way things are going, vote for those who will bring change.

The point is to GET INVOLVED! Stop complaining and do something about your concerns. And don’t stop with voting. Sign a petition. Attend meetings to support your beliefs. March. Rally. Write a letter. Join an organization that supports your concerns. Talk to others. Make a phone call. Knock on a door. Get educated on the issues. Educate others and get them to join you in your efforts. Do something!

Doing nothing will get you just that—NOTHING! Think for just a moment what could happen if the other 70% of those who are not showing up at the voting booth would do just a few of the things mentioned above. There would be enormous change for the better from coast to coast. Stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution!

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