What Seems to Be the Problem?

If you’re a regular reader of USA Today, you’re more than likely familiar with its Snapshot Surveys. Some are simply humorous and others are useless trivia tidbits. However, every once in a while, you can find a survey that is informative, useful and even sometimes perplexing. I found one in today’s paper that was somewhat puzzling to me. I’m certain the figures were accurate; I’m just not sure why!

This particular survey was conducted by the Society of Human Resource Management. Human Resource professionals were asked what most concerned them most about their younger employees.

  • 55% — Inappropriate clothing
  • 54% — Poor work ethic
  • 38% — Excessively informal language behavior
  • 38% — Need for supervision
  • 38% — Inappropriate use of/excess reliance on technology

I had to re-read this list several times to believe it! Apparently our younger generation is out of control, hopeless, and simply can’t be reigned in. Personally, I would be ashamed to admit that I was having to deal with any of the above issues!

The behaviors listed above are NOT the problems of today’s younger workforce. In fact, today’s young workforce is as creative, diligent, and productive as any in our history. Full responsibility for each of those behaviors lie solely with the leadership of any organization. Those conditions will NOT exist in any environment that focuses on CULTURE.

Three simple steps will insure that the above conditions will never exist in your organization.

  • Expectations must be clearly established concerning accepted behaviors and performance of every member of the workforce.
  • Accountability at every level must exist to insure that all established expectations are met by everyone in the organization.
  • Consequences, as rewards and/or discipline, must be applied fairly to everyone based on their performance and execution of expectations.

How much more simple can it be? Time and time again, we have learned that organizations that faithfully practice these three strategies seldom, if ever, have to deal with the concerns listed above by Human Resource Professionals.

However, very few organizations have established and continue to maintain these simple but critical practices. How does your organization fare? If your workforce was asked to rate, on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being fully enforced, each of those three practices, what results would you see? Are you satisfied with those results? You might want to give this issue some serious thought!

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