Change in the Strangest Places

Those of you who follow our blog are certainly aware of the fact that we focus a great deal on the subject of change … and for good reason. 98% of all significant change in the world has occurred in the last lifetime! It’s quite obvious that this rapid pace continues to accelerate!

Based on the fact that the large majority of our population has never been schooled in the fine art of dealing with change, we created a program that focused on this very need. “Productive Chaos: Riding the Wave of Change” has been shared with tens of thousands of people from coast to coast, revealing critical tips, tools and strategies for individuals and organizations as they deal with the growing challenge of constant change.

In an attempt to enlighten our clients and readers to this rapid pace of continuous change, we’ve been sharing numerous examples on our blog page. Some are indeed serious while many fall into the humorous and sometimes even unbelievable categories. I’m not sure about today’s example. I’ll let you decide on this one.

Times Have Changed

Toothpaste is certainly something we all take for granted. It’s been in our lives forever. So has the advertising, marketing and promotion of this very necessary product. When I was a young child, I was captivated by a very enthusiastic singing beaver named “Bucky” who marched back and forth across my TV screen singing “Brusha, Brusha, Brusha.” That was enough to convince me to encourage my parents to buy the toothpaste Bucky was promoting … which happened to be IPANA. I know, it didn’t take much, did it? A singing beaver.

Times have changed. Today, the combination of competition and technology has created a greater challenge for those promoting this rather common product. Here’s how one major brand, Colgate, is dealing with this challenge.

Toothbrushes Change

A recent report claims Colgate has applied for patents to introduce a caffeinated toothbrush to help kick start mornings. Recently released patent applications reveal that Colgate-Palmotive is at least tinkering with the idea of embedding slow-release chemicals, including caffeine, into the heads of its toothbrushes. But it doesn’t stop with caffeine either.

The caffeine would exist inside of a tongue scratcher on the back of the toothbrush’s head. The application indicates that a three-month supply of caffeine could be put into each brush, though it doesn’t say how much caffeine might be released during each brushing session.

The new toothbrushes could theoretically have all sorts of chemicals. The patent application expressly states that Colgate is interested in putting appetite suppressants on the scratchers. A diet toothbrush, in other words.

The rush to insert a buzz into your morning brush won’t come without some regulatory hurdles, however. A few weeks ago, the Food and Drug Administration issued a statement saying that the agency would soon be investigating the safety of caffeine-additives. Its remarks came shortly after Wrigley announced it was introducing a caffeinated chewing gum.

Yet, Colgate seems to think caffeine could be marketed as a healthy alternative too. In January of this year, it touted a study by the American Cancer Society that showed that heavy caffeine consumption cut in half the risk of death from some throat and mouth cancers.

Who knows what the future may hold for toothpaste, chewing gum, or, for that matter, any industry in today’s marketplace? One thing is certain. You can expect to see rapid and radical changes take place in order to improve, market, and compete for the consumer dollar.

These changes present crucial challenges to both individuals and organizations who hope to strive for growth and success. Are you prepared to deal with those challenges and cope with the changes which await you? Give us a call at 1-800-886-2629 to learn more about our program: “Productive Chaos: Riding the Wave of Change.”

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