Business Briefs – March 15, 2007

Based on the feedback we receive from those attending our time management (The “I Hate Time Management” Program) and stress management (Stress: The Ultimate Paradox) seminars, it’s quite evident that the majority of us appear to have less and less spare time to focus on newspapers, magazines, and television/radio newscasts to catch up on the latest business news. Internet surfing is even more time consuming.

To address that growing concern, we’d like to occasionally offer you a “big picture” update on recent business tidbits. Nothing in depth; just a quick overview to keep you “in the know.” For instance:

  • Researchers at the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center recently announced that hangovers cost our U.S. economy about $148 billion annually in worker absenteeism and poor job performance.
  • Forbes Magazine has released the names of this year’s billionaires from
    around the world. For the 13th straight year, Bill Gates, Microsoft founder, holds the number one spot with $56 billion! Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page are in a three-way tie at 26th with Wal-Mart heir Alice Walton at $16.6 billion. Both men are just 34 years of age!
  • Michigan-based furniture-maker La-Z-Boy, Inc. is apparently restructuring
    as they cut 500 of their 11,300 employees, close several plants across the nation, and consolidate several others. This strategy will apparently save them $11 million annually.
  • Do you get mad when you see a FedEx or UPS truck blocking traffic by parking right in the middle of the street as they deliver packages to local stores? If so, this should make you feel a little better. In New York City, an average of 7,000 parking tickets a day are issued to commercial delivery services. Last year, these delivery companies paid more than $102 million in fines to the city!
  • If you’ve got an ego and a few extra bucks, you can contact Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, and they will actually create a wax replica for you! You don’t have to be a star. They’ll do it for anyone. By the way, the few extra bucks must add up to $270,000!

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