The Choice We Make Daily

Our client list boasts organizations of all sizes, from all areas of North America, and includes just about every industry you can imagine. It’s quite obvious then that you can expect tremendous differences to exist among those clients under these various conditions.

However, they also share many commonalities. For instance, you can always find that personality that tends to be forever negative. I’m certain you know someone that falls into that category. He/she is the kind of person who would kick if he/she were hung with a new rope! They always see the negative side of every issue. As a result, they become an eternal “speed bump” to productivity, teamwork, communication, and success.

On the flip side of that coin is the eternal optimist … that very special person who has the potential to carry the entire staff through trial and tribulation while wearing a smile and finding the positive potential in every situation. These people tend to be the backbone of the operation and deserve much more credit than they usually receive.

One such woman highlights today’s Generational Gem.

A very old lady looked in the mirror one morning. She had three remaining hairs on her head, and being a positive soul, she said, “I think I’ll braid my hair today.” So she braided her three hairs, and she had a great day.

Some days later, looking in the mirror one morning, preparing for her day, she saw that she had only two hairs remaining. “Hmm, two hairs… I think I’ll part my hair in the center today.” She duly parted her two hairs, and as ever, she had a great day.

A week or so later, she saw that she had just one hair left on her head. “One hair huh,” she mused, “I know, a pony-tail will be perfect.” And again she had a great day.

The next morning she looked in the mirror. She was completely bald. “Finally bald huh,” she said to herself. “How wonderful! I won’t have to waste time doing my hair any more.”

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we had more people like that in the workplace everyday? By the way, which category do you fall into? It is a conscious choice, you know? We make it every day.

About Harry K. Jones

Harry K. Jones is a motivational speaker and consultant for AchieveMax®, Inc., a company of professional speakers who provide custom-designed seminars, keynote presentations, and consulting services. Harry's top requested topics include change management, customer service, creativity, employee retention, goal setting, leadership, stress management, teamwork, and time management. For more information on Harry's presentations, please call 800-886-2629 or fill out our contact form.

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