Go Green Has New Meaning!

We’ve been using this particular category of our blog to provide examples of out-of-the-box thinking that are actually taking place in our everyday lives. It’s our hope to demonstrate that creativity and innovation can be found at every level of our society, can require a large monetary investment or cost next to nothing, and is needed today more than ever before.

The term “find a need and fill it” has been around a very long time. It’s a simple strategy that can very easily lead to success in many areas. Some have credited this battle cry to a blacksmith, John Deere, who later created the world’s leading producer of farm equipment while others attribute it to an American writer, editor, and speaker, Ruth Stafford Peale. She was the wife of The Power of Positive Thinking author, Norman Vincent Peale, and co-founder of Guideposts magazine and the Peale Center. Regardless of who first said it, it’s quite obvious that it’s going to be around for quite some time due to its wisdom, simplicity, and potential.

Here’s still another example of a very low-cost but particularly practical innovation which could easily have found its creation as a result of that age-old battle cry.

Tell me this isn’t a need which demands being addressed. I see it happening in break rooms from coast to coast. An employee arrives at work in the morning to place his/her lunch in the break room refrigerator before tackling the challenges of the day. Lunch time finally rolls around and that famished employee dashes to the break room with anticipation of devouring that delicious triple-decker specialty sandwich waiting in the fridge. Bursting into the break room, the refrigerator door is thrown open to reveal the alarming sight of an empty sandwich bag. Someone stole your luncheon masterpiece leaving you frustrated, empty, and violated as you nibble the few carrot sticks the thief apparently overlooked or ignored during the illegal appropriation!

Don’t underestimate the impact of such a hideous act and don’t think it happens only in your break room. This is a very common occurrence in most office settings which continually leads to depression, suspicion, hunger and loss of productivity.

Well, someone has finally done something about it. A trained mechanical and aerospace engineer, New York-based Sherwood Forlee, has focused his vast experience, talent and imagination to create a solution to this universal problem.

He’s created a designer Anti-Theft Sandwich Bag. Simply put, Anti-Theft Lunch Bags “are regular sandwich bags that have green splotches printed on both sides providing the appearance of a dreaded mold.” It causes your sandwich to take on an unappetizing shade of green. In short, your sandwich looks disgusting, scaring away any potential thief.

Be honest, doesn’t this simplistic approach to a common problem cause you to wonder why you didn’t come up with this idea yourself?

What’s next … a giant car bag that makes your new Corvette look like a 1958 Ford Edsel!

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