Opportunity in Crisis

There’s a certain genre of unique people in the world today who seek and discover rare opportunities in the growing crisis we find around us. They possess a rare quality that seems to shield negativity as they search for possibilities.

For instance, this summer many parts of the country experienced an unusual “perfect storm”—a combination of brutal drought resulting in countless, unattractive brown lawns AND a national home foreclosure-plight unequaled in our memory. This combination is obviously not conducive to home sales in today’s marketplace.

But wait—creative minds reign supreme and not a minute too soon. For years lawn services have injected lawns with water-absorbing polymer pellets while others have resorted to pouring beer and soda across the lawn to keep yards green. And now … the most obvious of solutions. Why not simply spray paint your lawn?

A California-based chemical company is now selling a water-based spray-on paint that doesn’t harm the grass and wears off after about a month. Sales have jumped about 35% in the past month.

Workers armed with sprayers resembling an astronaut jet pack paint lawns with a turf colorant traditionally used by golf courses and athletic stadiums. Lawn painting provides an instant curb appeal adding much-needed value for property owners.

Lawn service companies are now pitching this service to home owners and real estate agencies across the country. While it appears to be somewhat of a quick fix until water restrictions are lifted, it’s obviously solving problems for home owners, city officials, realtors, and lawn companies that have also experienced a slow down in tough economic times.

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