Connect the Dots for Success

Visualize your first trip to a new shopping mall. If you want to locate a particular store, you usually make your way to one of those large directory maps that shows the location of every store in the complex. And what do you do once you locate your chosen destination? You’re still missing one essential piece of information … that little red dot accompanied by those three crucial words: YOU ARE HERE!

The best map in the world is worthless and can’t possibly help you reach your destination if you have no idea where you are at the moment. Leaders must also recognize this basic principle as they develop their employees. It’s imperative to provide goals for your people—to show them where they need to go to achieve the success they desire.

However, for a variety of reasons, we often forget to make certain they know where they are right now in such consequential areas as experience, education, training, resources, etc. The need for explicit communication at this point of their development can mean the difference between future success and failure for the individual as well as the organization.

Each employee must know where they are, where they need to be, and how to get from one dot to the other. Are you doing your part in helping them connect the dots?

About Harry K. Jones

Harry K. Jones is a motivational speaker and consultant for AchieveMax®, Inc., a company of professional speakers who provide custom-designed seminars, keynote presentations, and consulting services. Harry's top requested topics include change management, customer service, creativity, employee retention, goal setting, leadership, stress management, teamwork, and time management. For more information on Harry's presentations, please call 800-886-2629 or fill out our contact form.

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