Creative Examples Abound

This is our third installment in a series of articles sharing creative company names and signs. Traveling cross country can provide you with an idea of just how creative people can be as they strive to produce names that will catch the eyes of customers in hopes they’ll pause to investigate, like what they find, and hopefully past the word on to others.

Click on the following links to see the entire list: Search for Creativity and Creative Search Continues. Take a look and appreciate the creative juices which flow across our country.

  • HAIR WE ARE (salon)
  • SHEAR INSANITY (salon)
  • HAIRWAY to HEAVEN (salon)
  • CURL UP AND DYE (salon)
  • U OTTER STOP INN (bar)
  • FRANK N STEINS (beer, brats & hotdogs)
  • E FISH n’ SEA (seafood)
  • PIER PRESSURE (seafood)
  • SEAS the DAY (seafood)
  • PITA WRAPBIT (wraps – pitas – smoothies)
  • JUAN in a MILLION (Mexican food)
  • PITA PAN (pita shop)
  • FedUp (deli)
  • MEAT U THERE (meat market)
  • JUST FALAFS (good mood food)
  • LETTUCE EAT (sandwich bar)
  • NIN COM SOUP (soup & sandwich)
  • THAIPHOON (Thai food)
  • THAI TANIC (Thai cuisine)
  • MOON WOK (Chinese take-out)
  • WOK & ROLL (Oriental food)
  • WOK THIS WAY (Oriental food)
  • BREW HAHA (coffee shop)
  • THE HUMAN BEAN (coffee shop)
  • A BREWED AWAKENING (Espresso shop)

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