Constant Change – Another New Feature

We’ve heard it in various forms all our lives.

  • Constant ChangeThere is nothing permanent except change.
  • Change alone is unchanging.
  • Change is the only constant.
  • If you don’t create change, change will create you.
  • When you’re finished changing, you’re finished!

If you were to take the time to sit down and create a list of the changes we witness on a regular basis, it would seem endless. To name a few, the list would include family, friends, health, career, finances, daily activities, business, products, services, trends, insights, politics, technology, and the weather. Obviously, that list would go on and on.

To many people this is a frightening and daunting phenomenon, as most of us crave stability. However, stability is an illusion as we face new paradigms almost daily. Sadly, there are more people today who are more frightened of failing than they are anxious to make the necessary changes required to survive and thrive in our current chaotic environment.

This new feature will bring you some of the more recent changes, large and small, occurring in today’s headlines … examples of people and organizations attempting to survive and thrive by using change as a strategy for success rather than an excuse for failure.

Let’s start with something we’re all familiar with—Coca-Cola.

I guess you can expect most anything today. The soft-drink king is apparently attempting to get into the milk business. Yes, MILK. COKE is currently test marketing a sweetened fizzy milk beverage called “VIO.”

VioIt’s made with sparkling water, a hint of skimmed milk, fruit flavoring and cane sugar. While it may sound slightly nauseating to some, Coke assures us that the milk won’t curdle in its aluminum bottle. The 8 oz. bottle, selling for $2.49, is available in four flavors: Citrus Burst, Peach Mango, Very Berry, and Tropical Colada.

The new drink is currently being distributed to over 200 retailers in the New York City area. Although the fizzy milk may be new to the States, Coke has been successfully selling a similar product, called “Ooo” in Japan since the late 1990s.

Be daring, take a risk, move out of your comfort zone, give it a shot—then let me know how that goes!

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