Horse Races, Slot Machines, and Flight Delays at the Airport?

Will Government ever cease to amaze us?

Not long ago, I told you about the strong possibility of soon seeing slot machines at the Miami International Airport in hopes of helping the county recoup some of the money that the airport is hemorrhaging. For some, that vision was difficult to accept as a possible reality. Totally understandable.

However, if that was difficult to embrace, you’d better have a seat. It appears that, in order to obtain a permit for slots, the airport, by law, has to run quarter-horse races. Yes, horse races—at the airport! What’s next?

The airport is hoping to turn an employee parking lot into a horse racing track if all goes well.

The sound of horse whinnies and jet engines is a possibility if the airport can obtain a quarter-horse racing permit.

The county’s preference is to never get directly involved with horse racing—the airport hopes to strike a deal with one of several local existing horse tracks to run the legally required races there.

The catch: There’s no guarantee the airport could strike a lease deal with a local track, so county administrators have offered the parking-lot race track idea to state regulators as an emergency backup option.

In order to have slots, the county would have to commit two years of 20 to 40 races a year. I wonder if the horse racing and slot machines will results in an increase in flight delays?

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