One Step at a Time

In a previous blog article, I shared the definition of the perfect storm. A “perfect storm” is an expression that describes an event where a rare combination of circumstances will aggravate a situation drastically.

Ironically, I recently experienced my own personal “perfect storm.” We all have problems … always have and always will. Dealing with negative circumstances is something we all learn to do … problem solving if you will.

However, there can be a situation when you have a number of negative circumstances occur at the same time. Under normal conditions, you can successfully deal with a problem and move on. However, when they suddenly arrive in numbers, you can easily become overwhelmed, finding yourself having to deal with that “perfect storm.”

I recently experienced this situation and, quite honestly, reached the point where I was prepared to simply “quit” … throw in the towel if you will. Prior to doing that, I simply paused and reviewed my situation and the options I had at my disposal. I sought some advice from a trusted friend, did a little necessary research, and took that difficult “first step” to resolve my dilemma.

It was easy… it certainly wasn’t pleasant. However, the “perfect storm” has passed, and I’m much better off having handled it the way I did. I also reminded myself of an age old strategy that has always seemed to prove successful—”One Step at a Time.” It’s a fantastic strategy for any and all for facing the many challenges of today’s chaotic world.

I couldn’t think long term as hard as I tried. I could recognize the first step which I had to take. That, of course, lead to another and another until momentum increased and clouds seemed to part, exposing me to the light I so needed at that moment. I won’t soon forget the importance of mustering the strength and courage to deal with challenges “One Step at a Time.” Of course, it’s that first initial step which is most critical! It’s that “first step” that begins any voyage, long or short. The important thing is to make certain you “don’t quit.”

Take a look at this short two-minute video which is a great reminder that we just can’t quit.

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