Opportunity Abounds for Creative Minds!

Let me get right to the point! What you see here is a simple garage door cover—a printed tarp made to attach to your garage door to make it look as if it’s actually showing the interior of your garage and what’s in it. The owner of this particular garage doesn’t own a boat … but you might think otherwise as you drove by his house.

If you’re not interested in a boat, you have your choice of dozens of other unique choices … a full-size race car, a giant dog, stacks of gold bars, a robot, a band room, a family room complete with fire place, a monstrous alligator, a sandy beach, a stealth jet airplane, a disco, a wine seller, a military tank, a locomotive, a semi-truck, a road grader and the list goes on and on. You can also send in your own image to be reproduced. You can use these covers as a mural inside your home or even add the look of wallpaper to enhance any room.

Each garage door cover retails for anywhere from $199 to $399 based on the subject you choose and the size you need (double door available). There are many manufacturers of this product so you certainly have a large variety of subjects to choose from. Simply go to Google.com and type in “crazy garage door covers.” Here is one of those sites that will give you an idea of what’s available.

Consider the number of ideas you’ve witnessed over the years that caused you to think: “I could have come up with that!” The point is …. you didn’t! You could have—you had access to the same education, experience, and resources as everyone else. It’s just that someone else acted before we did.

Look around you—unlimited resources. Get creative, brainstorm, think positive, take action and make a difference!

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3 thoughts on “Opportunity Abounds for Creative Minds!

  1. Very much enjoyed this article as I do with most everything you offer. However, I was very interested in seeing other examples but couldn’t the address of the site you mentioned within the article. Could you provide that site address for me? Thank you for all of your articles.

    Ava Forbes

  2. That boat is exactly the door cover I need! Hilarious! Great creative idea. Where can I find the other doors you said were available. I didn’t see a link. Great report.

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