They Say You Can’t Go Back …

As a young soldier early in my military career, I was accepted into the U.S. Army Signal School Photo Lab Course conducted at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey. I was enthralled with this particular post as we shared quarters and classrooms with members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, foreign services and the Military Intelligence community. I learned a great deal, accumulated a vast array of memories, and left there after graduating, assuming I would never return.

It’s sometimes funny how things work out because, decades later, I did return. I’ve been back twice to facilitate seminars for the staff of Fort Monmouth. In fact, Fort Monmouth contacted AchieveMax® for me to present a third seminar this week at Aberdeen Proving Grounds.

However, things have certainly changed over the years. Fort Monmouth was recommended for closure by the Pentagon as part of its base reduction campaign. That decision was upheld by President George W. Bush and Congress. An appeal was made to save the base but it was rejected.

However, a decision was made to salvage a good portion of the operation by relocating much of the facility and staff to the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. As they make this transition, I find myself this week in Aberdeen, conducting a “Productive Chaos: Personal Accountability in the Workplace” presentation as they actually strive to accomplish productivity amidst chaos. And I’m certain they’ll do just that.

Amidst “chaos” around the world, our military community continues to do whatever necessary to preserve and protect the liberties we have grown to cherish. Little did I know at the time of my first visit decades ago, that I would return in the future at such a decisive point in the history of such a renowned military establishment.

Life is like that so often for so many. We never know what the future may hold for us but we must prepare for any eventuality. The “chaos” may always be there, but it’s our challenge and duty to strive to make it productive.

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