Are You Focusing on Your Coffee or the Cup?

Some of life’s most powerful messages can be found in analogies which surround us as we go about our daily routines. Sadly, far too many people are focused elsewhere and therefore fail to learn a valuable lesson. Others simply prefer to avoid these lessons and are then destined to suffer the consequences time and time again.

Check out this short video for an interesting adage concerning the true meaning of life. A wise university professor serves coffee to a visiting group of successful alumni as he shares an obvious analogy comparing a cup of coffee to life itself. His point is obvious indeed and very difficult to challenge. And yet few will alter their actions or outlook after hearing it. Life would be so much more rewarding if only we would sometimes pause to recognize the obvious and act accordingly.

Take a moment to share this video with someone you truly care for. You’ll both benefit from the wisdom and appreciate the consequences of your effort.

Are YOU focusing on your coffee or the cup?

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