Are YOU Walking the Talk?

Let me share a few figures with you that should shock you if you’ll pause to think about them for just a moment!

  1. There are 4,146 colleges and universities in the U.S. alone.
  2. There are approximately 15.9 million students enrolled in the nation’s colleges and universities this year.
  3. Average tuition, room and board (for in-state students) at the nation’s four-year public colleges and universities for an entire academic year is $9,953. Remember, however, this is the average cost which means 50% are paying more than this figure.

If you’d like, you can grab a calculator and stun yourself as to the number of dollars being invested in higher education today, but that’s not really necessary. I think everyone knows the kind of money we’re talking about.

Isn’t it somewhat ironic that parents all across this great country are willing to mortgage their homes, cash in stocks and bonds, and save or make loan payments for what seems forever … and to what end?

Obviously, it’s to obtain a great education for their children to ready them for a career that will hopefully provide security and content.

And yet the majority of those parents who are ready to make these major sacrifices won’t sit down with their children and spend some time sharing their own experiences and life lessons and sharing simple values which could easily change the lives of their offspring.

There are so many simple values that can have an incredible impact on your children if imparted properly by loving and caring parents. Look at life in the U.S. today and consider how many leaders in business, politics, education, military, etc. say one thing and yet do another or, worse yet, nothing at all. At the moment, it’s crippling our country and stifling our progress! You read it in the papers every night or see it on television 24/7.

I wonder how many of those headline-grabbing leaders were ever told the importance of simply Walking the Talk? What a difference that might have had on today’s society and culture! Did YOU ever receive that message? Are you going to readily invest a little time and love to make certain your children understand the importance of this simple but powerful message. It can change the world! And this is just one of many very simple values we should be sharing.

If you’re uncertain as how to impart such a message, take a look at this short video on “Walking the Talk.” It’ll give you some expert talking points. In fact, better yet, share the video itself with your children followed by a interactive discussion on the subject. You’ll be glad you did!

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2 thoughts on “Are YOU Walking the Talk?

  1. I’m so sorry to bother you with this but I enjoy your articles so much, i must clear something up. Everytime you sent me an article with a video included, I can’t get it to work. But when I go to your blog, I find the videos work very well every time. Am I doing something wrong or not doing something I should be? I’ve asked three other people who I know subscribe to your blog and all 3 of them said the videos don’t work for them either. Nevertheless….I love your blog. Thanks for your help in advance.

    • Hi Cathy. Each blog article includes a text link to the video as well as an embedded video file if allowed by the copyright owner. (In the case of this specific article, the copyright owner of the video did not allow an embedded file.) The embedded video file allows you to watch the video directly on our site, without ever having to open a new browser window.

      When you read an article in your mail program, you have to click on the text link to the video. A text link will take you out of your mail program/window and bring you to your browser window where you can then view the video. It is my understanding that the embedded video file that shows up on the AchieveMax® blog will not show up in most e-mail programs. As a mailing list subscriber, you have to click on the text link to open your browser to go to the specific video site.


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