Thank a Teacher Today!

I’ve had the phenomenal pleasure of working with teachers and school officials at every level for several decades. I’ve lost count of the number of in-service presentations I’ve made over the years, and I’ve always been impressed by the fact that teachers love to continue learning themselves!

We’ve all had at least one special teacher in our lives that in some way made a difference in our lives … it may have seemed small at the time but as we reflect back to those formative years we’ve discovered that difference has been crucial. For me it was a particular teacher who daily encouraged me to read. The emphasis was on developing the love and appreciation of reading as opposed to what I read. He pointed out that content would change over the years, but my desire to read would never wane and would always be an asset. He was certainly on target. Reading has been instrumental in my career path, and I’ve tried to pass that critical advice on to as many children as I possibly could. My nine grandchildren have grown up thinking everyone had an in-home library!

Here are a few shocking facts you might want to pause and ponder when you get a moment.

  1. There are close to 8 million teachers in the U.S. today educating our children from pre-kindergarten through high school levels!
  2. These teachers spend more time with our children in one school day than we’re able to spend in an entire week! I’m not talking about being in the same building with our children … I’m talking about actual face-to-face interaction with those cherished treasures.
  3. While educational costs continue to escalate tremendously, our teachers are grossly under-paid for the services they render today.

Have you considered the fact that you are placing the safety, well-being, education, and future of our children in the hands of these dedicated men and women? Today your child’s teacher is a hero:  a hero who pays for school supplies out of his/her own pocket … a hero who is building your child’s character and teaching him/her to make the right choices as he/she grows toward adulthood … a hero who is encouraging and preparing your child for a higher education.

We’re entrusting our most cherished possessions to our teacher’s today. Here’s an action plan that’s certainly worth pursuing: Simply take a moment to thank a teacher. Send an e-mail or hand-written letter expressing your appreciation for their dedicated efforts. Better yet, stop by the classroom and express your feelings face to face. They certainly deserve it and will whole-heartedly appreciate it!

Take a look at this short video and you may have a better understanding about the “Heart of a Teacher.”

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    I must tell you that I shared this story with my brother and sister who both teach middle school in two neighboring towns. Both of them were very appreciative and touched by the thoughtful comments as well as the video. By close of school tomorrow, I’m sure many others at both schools will have shared the article. It’s a shame there aren’t more tributes like this in newspapers and on TV much more often. Teachers are dedicated servants who work from the heart. Thank you for recognizing that fact.

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