Young Boy Redefines Customer Service

Yesterday was “National Get to Know Your Customer Day.” Prior to this special day each year, I usually write an article reminding everyone that it’s coming up and suggesting a number of things you can do to prepare for it and hopefully take advantage of it.

This year’s a little different. I wanted to try an experiment. I’ve been in Las Vegas all week affording me the opportunity to observe a great number of various organizations that depend greatly on customer loyalty and satisfaction. In fact, even more so in these times of poor economy, global competition, and financial chaos for most everyone.

I thought this year I would simply observe and see if anyone demonstrated an effort, more than usual, to get to know their customers. I observed casinos, theaters, restaurants, gift shops, limo services, several airports, several airlines, cab drivers, clothing stores, dry cleaners, drug stores, grocery stores, a barber shop, and a dozen other establishments that could certainly benefit from customer loyalty.

Sadly, but predictably, I observed not a single example of anyone even being aware of this week’s special day. I personally don’t believe we should even have a special day to focus on good customer service. We should do that every day. I simply can’t understand why more emphasis isn’t placed on service in these challenging times.

I also struggle to understand why so many companies are willing to spend money on radio, TV, magazines, newspapers, and billboards while, at the same time, ignore the proper training of their employees. In doing so, they may, in fact, be ignoring one of the most creative and productive methods to insure customer loyalty and support.

With that thought I’m reminded of the true story of a 19-year-old grocery bagger named Johnny. This young man had Down Syndrome, but he also possessed a heart of gold and a very creative mind. As a result, he positively impacted an entire culture and a large number of very satisfied customers. This short video may cause you to re-examine the potential of those currently in your employ. It’ll also provide you with a smile.

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