Laugh Your Way to Good Health

In my previous article, I discussed the many tangible benefits of hugging … of which there are many. Today, I want to take a look at another area which has not been taken seriously in terms of health benefits. Laughing! Yes, laughing.

Believe it or not, your entire body benefits from a good chuckle. There’s been a good many studies conducted by universities, hospitals, and independent researchers world wide on this subject.

Here are some of the statistics revealed from these studies. When you laugh …

  • Your heart beats faster and your blood pressure rises temporarily.
  • Your heart and lungs are stimulated.
  • You breathe deeper and oxygenate more blood.
  • You burn 78 times as many calories as you would in a resting state.
  • Your diaphragm, facial muscles and internal organs all get bounced around in a message sometimes called “internal jogging.”
  • Your body releases endorphins, your own natural pain killers, and you produce more immune cells.

After you’ve laughed, your muscles and arteries relax. That’s great for easing pain. Also, your blood pressure lowers and your pulse drops below normal. Many researchers claim this aids digestion.

In short, you can make a positive difference in your current health by simply hugging and laughing more often. Not a bad prescription … absolutely no cost, dose sizes are no concern, and it’s certainly easy to tolerate. Give it a try!

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