Own or Manage a Business? It’s Time to Make a Decision about Training!

Yes, it’s true. Business owners and leaders across this country are facing a critical decision that could strongly impact their future success. In fact, their decision could mean the life or death of business as they know it.

Here’s the question that’s being debated almost daily in most every industry from coast to coast:

“In these competitive and very challenging times, dare we invest the time, energy, and dollars to train our employees in hopes of gaining a much-needed competitive edge?”

Why Companies Don’t Provide Training

I’ve heard numerous reasons why it might be better to wait to make such investments in training, and every one of them might be considered by many to be conventional wisdom (the ideas, opinions, or understanding that are considered to be generally accepted by the public):

  1. “Money is tight right now, and I simply can’t afford it.”
  2. “I may have to lay off or terminate some of those I trained.”
  3. “We’ve done fine without training in the past.”
  4. “I’m going to wait until the economy gets better.”
  5. “I really don’t think it would make much difference.”

I can understand the thinking behind every one of those statements. However, I can strongly refute (Prove a statement or theory to be wrong or false; disprove.) every one of them with facts from today’s business world.

Why Companies Should Provide Training

An obvious trend is emerging and it speaks for itself.

It’s becoming quite evident that those organizations that recognize the benefits and value of continuous training are prospering from their efforts to grow and succeed.

On the other hand, those who are putting training on the back burner are suffering the consequences as they lose their competitive edge, stifle their growth, and even disappear from the market place.

Think about it … do you seriously think you would NOT benefit from being able to:

This is what occurs when you train your staff.

Training Is an Investment in Your Business and Employees

Here’s one example:

A person making $50,000 per year who is wasting one hour per day is costing the company $6,250 in wasted salary alone. A group of 25 people wasting an hour a day is costing the company $156,250 a year!

What would you invest to fix that problem?

And this is just one of the many challenges you’re currently facing.

Smart companies view training as an investment rather than a cost.

How do you YOU view employee training?

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