It’s Time to Demand Leadership!

L-E-A-D-E-R-S-H-I-P! Ten simple letters … one word which can make the crucial difference between success and failure on so may levels for so many organizations in today’s challenging environment!

I’ve been involved with leadership concepts for as long as I can remember … Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, organized sports, educational involvement, the military, Big Brothers, local politics, international corporate involvement and now in my position of consulting with and training for a wide variety of businesses and organizations.

I’ve witnessed tremendous change in the area of leadership over the years, and that’s as it should be and hopefully always will be.

Leadership Is Disappearing

However, the most recent emerging trend is quite startling and must be dealt with before irreversible damage is done. Leadership is DISAPPEARING. Numerous studies debate the root causes and the degree of this critical demise, but they all agree that it’s very evident and sadly appears to be continuing.

Doubters need only analyze the current political situation as we approach the coming election. Caution must be taken to avoid the near-fatal mistake of placing the blame on one particular party. It’s blatantly obvious that both sides of the aisle have shown a tremendous lack of leadership at the federal, state, and local levels. Trust and respect levels for politicians are at an all-time low at a time when they should be setting the standard for the rest of the country!

The rest of the country is doing little better at demonstrating the leadership our country so desperately needs during these challenging times. Choose an industry today and you’ll note the obvious lack of leadership … healthcare, technology, energy, hospitality, retail, manufacturing, financial, transportation, media, etc.

One can only imagine the dramatic impact this growing trend can and will have on most every aspect of life as we know it if immediate action isn’t taken to reverse this crippling trend!

Demand Leadership

Considering the wide-spread challenge we face, it may seem overwhelming to visualize your role in facing this growing threat. However, consider the following facts and choose just one area in which you may have some influence or opportunity to make even a small difference. If enough of us make even a small effort, the end result can and will be amazing.

  • Leadership is seldom, if ever, even discussed or modeled in high schools today.
  • College level efforts aren’t much better.
  • Community efforts to educate in this area are practically non-existent.
  • Local churches could play a critical role in offering leadership training.
  • Associations, organizations, and clubs can also offer community leadership training.
  • Federal training grants are available to all of those noted above.
  • Leadership training is one of the first budget areas to be cut by most businesses.
  • People are often promoted to leadership positions based on their individual performance, longevity, or task experience. While helpful, these areas have little to do with the ability to lead others. Yet, needed leadership training is seldom offered.

Tackle the Leadership Challenge

We can all do something to tackle this challenge. It’s simply a matter of determining how you can make a difference. Who do you know? Who can you speak to? What action can you take? If something isn’t done about the continuous demise of leadership in this country, we’ll all suffer the consequences.

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